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Telelowvision Program

Eschenbach’s Haus Call is a first-of-its kind Telelowvision Program that allows you to easily offer low vision care to your patients who are either unable or hesitant to visit you in person. This unique at-home service allows you to conduct both a low vision exam and a follow-up device assessment appointment virtually.

This is possible through the use of our two exclusive kits (the iDoktor and iProdukt) that are sent directly to your patient, each of which includes an iPad with a pre-loaded link to a HIPAA-compliant web conferencing app. 

Our “iDoktor” Diagnostic Kit is sent first and includes a near acuity, distance acuity and contrast test. After the diagnostic exam is completed our “iProdukt” Trial Kit will be sent to your patient with an assortment of low vision devices you have selected to meet their specific needs and visual goals. And if you decide to take advantage of our exclusive “device bracketing” option, we’ll include additional devices in powers (or sizes/colors for tints) adjacent to what you ordered so that you can allow your patient to try other options if needed. 

By using these two kits you'll be able to accurately gather the test information you need to recommend the best devices for your patient and your patient will be able to learn how to correctly use the low vision devices so they can accomplish their visual goals.

Our Telelowvision Program consists of 2 essential components:

  1. Two Exclusive Kits: The iDoktor Diagnostic Kit and iProdukt Trial kit are delivered directly to the patient
  2. iPads in each kit with a HIPAA-compliant Web Conferencing Application: Allows the patient to connect with the low vision provider for a virtual low vision appointment and device assessment

With Eschenbach’s Haus Call Telelowvision Program, you can finally help your visually impaired patients who can’t make the trip to your office due to health concerns, transportation issues or even bad weather. They, too, can now benefit from the beneficial low vision service you offer so that they can be more independent and enjoy a high quality of life! 



What Options Are Available?

There are 4 standard Eschenbach Haus Call Telelowvision Program options to choose from. Each option has a set price that covers the use of the kit(s) and their shipping to and from the patient’s home. Consult with your local Territory Manager to determine which option is right for you and your patients. (Most options also include a product credit to use on the purchase of your Eschenbach products. Customizable options are also available upon request.)

Choose your option:

#1) The Complete System:

#2) The Complete System - Modified

#3) The Product Trial System

#4) The Product Trial System - Modified


Consult with your local Territory Manager to determine which option is right for you and your patients and ask about our Special Introductory Offer!


Learn More!

Watch our webinar on Eschenbach's Telelowvision Program here:  Eschenbach's Telelowvision Program Webinar!

Contact us today to set up a meeting!



Order Now!

Place an order for the Eschenbach Haus Call Telelowvision Program by filling out the form below that indicates which program option you would like. 

Haus Call Telelowvision Complete System Order Form

Haus Call Telelowvision Product Trial Kit Order Form


Once you complete the form, save it and email to customerservice@eschenbach.com.


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