Telelowvision Program

Eschenbach’s Haus Call is a first-of-its kind Telelowvision Program that allows you to easily offer low vision care to your patients who are either unable or hesitant to visit you in person. This unique at-home service allows you to conduct both a low vision exam and a follow-up device assessment appointment virtually.

This is possible through the use of our two exclusive kits (the iDoktor and iProdukt) that are sent directly to your patient before your scheduled virtual appointment, each kit including the option of an iPad with a pre-loaded link to a HIPAA-compliant web conferencing app. 

Our “iDoktor” Diagnostic Kit is sent before the first appointment and includes a near acuity, distance acuity and filter test to be used as part of your initial exam. From that exam, you'll then tell us which low vision devices you want sent in the second kit, the “iProdukt” Trial Kit, to be used in addressing the virtual goals presented by the patient. And if you decide to take advantage of our exclusive “device bracketing” option, we’ll also include additional devices in powers (or sizes/colors for tints) adjacent to what you ordered so that you can allow your patient to try other options if needed. Each kit has the option of including an iPad with a pre-loaded link to a HIPAA-compliant web conferencing app for the patient to easily connect to you. You can easily log in the application from the office or wherever is convenient for you. 

By using this innovative telelowvision program, you'll be able to accurately gather the test information you need to recommend the best devices for your patient and observe them using the devices in their home environment (while providing guidance the proper use of the devices), ultimately seeing which ones allow the patient to successfully accomplish their visual goals.

With Eschenbach’s Haus Call Telelowvision Program, you can finally help your visually impaired patients who can’t make the trip to your office due to health concerns, transportation issues, distance or even bad weather. They, like the patients you see in-office, can now also benefit from the beneficial low vision service you offer including gaining more independence and enjoying a higher quality of life! 



  • Diagnostic Kit includes near acuity, distance acuity and filter tests
  • Product Kit includes selected devices for trial (and extras as requested) in ready-to-use format (no packaging to deal with)
  • Optional iPad with pre-installed HIPAA-compliant web conference app can be included in both kits (cell-enabled so no Wi-Fi connection issues)
  • Kits shipped directly from Eschenbach to & from patient (return shipping labels included—kits picked up from patient’s home)
  • Sturdy shipping cases (no hassle with boxes, taping, etc.)
  • Free training for practice included
  • Customizable Program options
  • Pricing includes the use of everything (kits, iPad, etc.) and shipping


What Options Are Available?

There are 4 standard Eschenbach Haus Call Telelowvision Program options to choose from. Each option has a set price that covers the use of the kit(s) and their shipping to and from the patient’s home. Consult with your local Territory Manager to determine which option is right for you and your patients. (Most options also include a product credit to use on the purchase of your Eschenbach products. Customizable options are also available upon request.)

Choose your option:

#1: The Complete System with Optional iPad

  • An iDoktor Kit with Near Acuity, Distance Acuity and Filter Tests 
  • An iProdukt Kit with Trial Products 
  • An Optional iPad in each kit used to join the Telelowvision Appointment 

#2: The Product Trial kit with Optional iPad 

  • An iProdukt Kit with trial products 
  • An Optional iPad used to join the Telelowvision Appointment  


Consult with your local Territory Manager to determine which option is right for you and your patients!


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Here's What Customers Are Saying about our Haus Call Telelowvision Program...


“Overall, I found the Haus Call system easy to use and my senior patient was thrilled with the technology. The seamless support Eschenbach provided along the way—from providing me training, giving updates on delivery of the cases to my patient, and being available to me during my patient appointment if needed—was tremendously valuable and made me feel very comfortable in conducting a virtual appointment. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the Eschenbach Haus Call Telelowvision System a 10!" - Dr. C. - Tuscon, AZ


"On the follow-up telelowvision appointment, my patient was so excited with one of the magnifiers I had sent to her that she purchased it on the spot. And I found that viewing her use it in her home environment for the task she wanted to perform was very helpful. For low vision providers that have patients who don’t want to come in for an appointment, I’d recommend the Haus Call Telelowvision System be used. Considering the enormous impact low vision care—even in a remote format—can have on visually impaired patients in improving their independence, safety and quality of life, there’s no reason why not to use it." - Customer, AZ


“This is a great service Eschenbach is providing!! So well organized! “ - Vision Rehab Specialist, AR