There are three categories of devices included in the our Custom Solutions Program: prescription correctable filters, prescription correctable eyewear and mounted telescopes, each with their own customizable features. 

Our prescription corrected absorptive filters include a choice of lens tint color, polarization, anti-reflective coating, and lens material. Our Ambelis glasses are available in five standard ready-made CR-39 lens tints and can be ordered in any tint of your choice including the five tint colors found in our Solar Shield® and SolarComfort® lines with the side shields to match. In addition to our Ambelis eyewear we also have the Circuit FLEX wrap-around glasses which come in two different frame sizes and can be made to accommodate stronger refractive errors. 

We also offer prescription correction in our prismatic eyewear frames, microscopes and LightSpecs® illuminated readers. Customizing these products allows you to choose from a variety of lens tint colors, anti-reflective coating and a choice of lens material. 

Eschenbach offers customized mounting for its Keplerian and Galilean telescopes as well. Telescopes can be mounted monocularly or binocularly depending on the patients needs. They can also be mounted in 3 different positions on the frame, either in the superior, full diameter or inferior position as well as with an anti-reflective coating, choice of lens material and allow for a bifocal. Choose the carrier lens and frame that best fits your patients’ needs as well. 

If you are looking to offer your patients prescription correctable products, Eschenbach has what you need!



Our Custom Solutions Program consists of two key components: 

  1. A Variety Of Prescription Correctable Products: Eschenbach offers a variety of prescription correctable filters, eyewear and mountable telescopes to fit your patients needs. 
  2. In-office Training: An Eschenbach Territory Manager will come to your practice to conduct any needed training for you and / or your staff on prescription correctable products and their applications.

When you take advantage of Eschenbach‘s Custom Solutions Program you will receive in-office staff training and continuous consultive support. Extensive training will be provided for you and your staff on the unique products as well as dispensing tips. Your highly-trained Territory Manager will keep you updated with patient screening materials and marketing tools to ensure your success. 

With multiple frames, tint colors and telescope mounting options, you‘ll be able to offer prescription corrected solutions to a wide variety of patients. Plus, all of our Custom Solutions Order Forms make it easy to place your orders!

Download our Eschenbach Custom Solutions Catalog for details!



Eschenbach Custom Solutions Program Includes: 

  • Prescription Correctable Filters
    • Ambelis/WellnessPROTECT®
    • Acunis
    • Circuit FLEX
  • Prescription Correctable Eyewear
    • Prismatic Eyewear
    • Microscopic Eyewear
    • Illuminated Readers
  • Telescope Mounting
    • Eschenbach Telescopes
    • Designs for Vision Telescopes

Your Territory Manager will always be available to come to your office for additional training, new product updates or to answer any questions you may have. The Eschenbach Custom Solutions Program is designed to enhance your product offerings in a manner that maximizes your per patient revenues! 

If you’re considering offering prescription correctable solutions in your office, increase your odds for success by choosing Eschenbach!

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