Many of our eye care and vision rehabilitation customers have found Eschenbach to be a valuable partner in helping them grow their Low Vision Care service.  

From Customer Care support, to in-office training and consultative guidance, to marketing support, to accurate and on-time and shipping and delivery, Eschenbach has what it takes to enhance your Low Vision Care service.  

Here is what some of our customers are saying:  

About Eschenbach: 
I really appreciate Eschenbach reaching out to low vision providers as you do to help us learn. This increased accessibility will make things so much easier.  
In every lecture I give….to every optometrist, ophthalmology resident and family medicine resident I teach…I always stress that Eschenbach is THE PREMIER low vision device manufacturer.  
Thanks again, 
M.B., OD, PA  

About our Haus Call Service:
“The Haus Call ordering process is fantastic! We had no issues with the shipping time; opening the kit; and evaluating all items!! A+++.” - C.H., Optometrist from Ohio.

About our Customer Service Department:
I received a wonderful surprise when I check my mailbox at the end of school today. I couldn't believe that my student's magnifying lens had already arrived. Wow! What wonderful people and what a fantastic company was all that I could think. I can't thank you enough for all of your assistance with this situation. Even this evening your prompt attention to this touches my heart. I can't tell you how much it will mean to my student tomorrow. Her day will be so much better thanks to you. Thank you for helping my student learn and for making her teacher smile every day. LS, TVI 

“I wanted you to know that I received my magnifier on Friday. I used it all weekend and it’s perfect. I am so happy to have another one…Thank you so much for your time and your excellent service. I wish everyone would be as gracious and helpful when I try to call a business or company.” (Consumer from Minnesota)

About our Optoform Diagnostic Dispensing System:
After trying a less expensive brand of low vision devices, I recently switched back to dispensing Eschenbach brand products because of the superior quality of their products and customer support. Not only are Eschenbach’s products of exceptional quality (less distortion, sturdier construction and a lifetime guarantee on most products), but the company’s unique ability to provide a local Territory Manager allows me to take advantage of many of Eschenbach’s complimentary services, right in my office.  

For example, the reimbursement advice I’ve received has improved our practice financially and the in-office training that my staff and I have obtained has maximized our confidence in finding and demonstrating the best devices for our patients. Plus, the company’s knowledgeable customer service representatives and quick shipping service gives me the right product at the right time so that my patients don’t need to reschedule their follow-up appointments. In short, Eschenbach has enhanced my low vision care service so that I have more successful outcomes with my patients while also providing a more successful outcome for my practice financially."  (Optometrist)

“I like the ease of the Optoform tray system…all of the devices are at your fingertips and everything is easy to find!” (Optometrist from Massachusetts)   

About our In-office Training:
“The training Eschenbach provided was absolutely beneficial...we couldn’t have been successful without it!” (Optometrist from Missouri)

About our Customer Service support:
“Thanks for your quick response to my question. I received the merchandise and gave it to my client. She was elated that she can now read her favorite books and the newspaper. I look forward to ordering from your company in the future!” (Occupational Therapist from Pennsylvania)

About our on-line Continuing Education:
“I was a participant in your Telescopes – Part 1 webinar and was impressed with the content and presentation. Please add me to your newsletter list!” (Assistive Technology Specialist from Georgia)

About the SmartLux Digital:
"Thank you for letting me look at the Smartlux. I think it is the best product that I have seen of its type for the money."  (DB  Georgia)

“I was pleased by the SmartLux's sharp, clear images and the large screen that made tracking and tracing more efficient with less fatigue. It was easy to operate and made reading and scanning objects simple with far less frustration with every magnification task it performed. The SmartLux's large rectangular screen made visual orientation, spotting, and tracing less complicated. I think this is a valuable, portable visual aid.” 
R.D. Oklahoma

About Wellness Protect Filters:  

"My patients do well with the Wellness Protect frames, and I especially like the many options that are available to them. The frames provide side and top protection and the lenses have different colored tints options that could be matched precisely to patients needs. Most of my patients prefer different grades of wellness standard tint but other colors are available as well. I also like the fact that the protective case is included which makes the frames and lenses last longer. It's an investment that is well worth it!" (MK, ON)

About Custom Solutions Products and Services:  
"I have been using Eschenbach’s custom lab services for several years and have been extremely pleased with the results. When treating my patients I do not compromise on quality and appreciate the dependability, superior optics, and craftsmanship offered by Eschenbach’s lab service. Of utmost importance is the true benefit my low vision patient’s find in a comfortable, durable, and functional product and the value this solution offers in regaining their independence and quality of life." (KM, ON)


Here's What Customers Are Saying About Eschenbach Academy...

About our Webinars:
“Eschenbach Academy’s webinars are a great resource!” - Dr. K., Optometrist from Ohio”

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