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There are a number of other eye diseases and conditions that can cause vision loss. These include Stargardt disease (which is similar to macular degeneration), retinopathy of prematurity and conditions such as albinism which can have can cause vision problems. Other conditions such as strokes and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can also cause vision impairments.

And although not a cause of low vision, a newer eye condition called Digital Eye Strain (DES) has come about due to the ubiquitous use of digital devices.  More than 90% of adults spend more than 2 hours each day using a digital device, and more than 60% of adults spend 5 or more hours. Using these digital devices can lead to digital eye strain. Symptoms include headache, and/or dry, itchy or burning eyes.

DES is caused by the high energy visible light (HEV light) and it is the bluer spectrum of visible light that appears to cause the symptoms.  Fortunately, there are blue light blocking lenses now on the market that selectively absorb harmful blue light, keeping it from entering through the cornea and reaching the back of the eye. When wearing glasses with lenses that eliminate blue light, users experience more relaxation, sharper focus, and reduced blurriness and pixilation. Often these lenses are used in reading glasses which are needed by some patients when looking at near objects like digital devices. 

To select the best option, consumers should take into consideration whether or not they will be wearing prescription glasses with a filter, where they will be wearing them (indoors or outdoors), the amount of time spent in front of a computer, ambient lighting conditions, distance from the computer, and the type of computer work being done.

Eschenbach carries a variety of blue-blocking lenses including the Solar Shield, SolarComfort and WellnessPROTECT absorptive filters as well as the Polinelli reading glasses.  To read more about protecting your eyes when using digital devices for long periods of time, Download the FREE eBook. 

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