Do you have a particular low vision case that is challenging or a question about low vision care in general? Would you like quick, free advice from a colleague who specializes in low vision? Now you can!

Eschenbach has partnered with Thomas I. Porter, O.D, a leading optometrist who sees 1,000 low vision patients per year and has found successful solutions for them. Dr. Porter is the Director of Low Vision Services at St. Louis University Hospital and is a frequent speaker on low vision topics across North America having spoken at numerous state and national conferences including SECO, Vision Expo East and West to name a few. He has made over 200 presentations and conducted over 100 webinars on the topic of low vision.

Whether you have a severely visually impaired patient with diabetic retinopathy that has also undergone pan-retinal photocoagulation, or a moderately visually impaired patient with dry AMD in one eye and wet AMD in the other, Dr. Porter can provide guidance from his years of experience in the low vision field.

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