Eschenbach Academy is a new online educational platform designed to supplement the knowledge and training we currently provide via in-person and webinar formats.

Accessible on any electronic device whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, Eschenbach Academy’s educational content ranges from interactive low vision courses, low vision training modules and general business courses useful for practice managers and owners.

This new eLearning platform provides training content that will help you and your staff become more efficient and effective in providing low vision care to your patients who have a vision impairment. In so doing, it will allow your low vision care service to deliver even more successful outcomes for both your patients and your practice.

Login to the Eschenbach Website to gain access to the Eschenbach Academy Platform. You'll see the link at the top of the page which will provide you access to the site. Then you can sign up for a user account to begin!





  • Low vision education online and on-demand
  • Interactive learning modules
  • Comprehensive training videos
  • General business courses
  • And updated content on an ongoing basis!


Sign up for an Eschenbach Academy account and take one of our interactive training modules “Low Vision Basics” or "Absorptive Filter Basics" now!