The Eschenbach Reader Program features a broad assortment of ready-made readers designed to enhance your presbyopic patient Reader Program Doctor Glassescare in a manner that is financially beneficial to your practice. We offer both single vision and progressive readers some of which are available in powers up to +5.00D. Plus, some readers include additional features like built-in illumination or blue-light blocking technology that prevents digital eye strain.

If you are looking to offer your presbyopic patients ready-made readers that tap into this huge market, Eschenbach has what you need!

Our Reader Program consists of two key components: 

  1. A Variety Of Reader Displays: Eschenbach offers a variety of attractive counter-top displays to showcase your readers. Allow your patients to try different powers and frame sizes to see which one is the right fit for them!
  2. In-office Training: An Eschenbach Territory Manager will come to your practice to conduct any needed training for you and / or your staff on readers and their applications.

When you take advantage of Eschenbach‘s Reader Program you will receive in-office staff training and continuous consultive support. Extensive training will be provided for you and your staff on the applications of the Readers as well as dispensing tips. Your highly-trained Territory Manager will keep you updated with patient screening materials and marketing tools to ensure your success. 

Over 200 options exist in the 9 reader lines that Eschenbach carries, and, with powers ranging from +1.00D up to +5.00D, you‘ll be able to offer solutions to a wide variety of patients. Plus, all of our Reader lines have point-of-purchase displays that allow patients to quickly determine which style and strength works best for them. 

Eschenbach Ready-made Readers Include: 

  • LightSpecsTM (Illuminated) 
  • MiniFrame2 (Progressive) 
  • Polinelli® (Blue Light Blocking) 
  • Private Eyes (MultiFocus) 
  • And more! 

Your Territory Manager will always be available to come to your office for additional training, new product updates or to answer any questions you may have. The Eschenbach Reader Program is designed to enhance your product offerings in a manner that maximizes your per patient revenues! 

If you’re considering offering ready-made readers in your office, increase your odds for success by choosing Eschenbach!

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