Reading Glasses - PresbyopiaPresbyopia is an eye disorder that affects almost everyone when they get to the age of about 40.  People at that age find they are unable to focus as close as they used to. Small print and details become increasingly difficult to read and sufferers often find they have to hold books, newspapers and magazines further away to be able to read them.

This inability to focus as closely as in the past has to do with the progressively decreasing elasticity of the eye lens. This ability to focus up close is also called accommodation and as this deteriorates, the so-called near point becomes increasingly further away - the near point is the closest point at which an object can be brought into focus by the eye.

In addition to the hassle of holding material farther away, presbyopes often complain of eye strain and headaches. 

Although there are surgical treatments available for presbyopia like monovision LASIK, near vision CK (conductive keratoplasty) and corneal inlays, most people prefer to use reading glasses. Of course, there is a wide range of readers available, not only in style and magnification power, but also in design. There are some that have built-in lights (ideal for restaurants or dark environments), multifocus lenses (so only 1 pair is needed for different sized print) and some with new blue-light blocking lenses that help prevent the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain which is becoming more and more prevalent. 


Eschenbach offers a wide selection of reading glasses so you'll be sure to find the one best suited for you.