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Eschenbach Optik of America is proud to have assembled an excellent team of employees committed to distinction in customer satisfaction and professional excellence.

Management Team

Eschenbach Optik of America’s Management Team is dedicated to excellence and consists of:

Ken Bradley

President & Chief Executive Officer


Taron Sutcliffe

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer



Timothy Gels

Director of Marketing


Joseph Buttazzoni

West Regional Sales Manager,

ABO Certified


Ron Dare

East Regional Sales Manager,

ABO Certified 


Ryan Heeney

Canadian Sales Manager,

ABO Certified

Sales Team

Eschenbach Optik of America’s Sales Team is dedicated, knowledgeable, and eager to make your low vision practice successful.

Territory Managers - Eastern US

Danielle Jones

Northeast Territory Manager

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,

New York, Rhode Island, Vermont


Tammy Power

Southeast Territory Manager, ABO Certified

Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,

southern Virginia



Bob Scannell

Florida Territory Manager, ABO Certified

Florida, Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands

(excluding Bermuda)


Vivian Mooney

Central Lakes Territory Manager

Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio             











Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager

DC, Delaware, Maryland,

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, northern Virginia

Territory Managers - Western US

Paul Wohlhueter

Pacific Northwest Territory Manager

Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington,          

British Columbia, Alberta Canada



Jay Sanders

West Territory Manager

Northern California, Northern Nevada,      

Wyoming, Utah, Colorado


Nicolas Kane

Southwest Territory Manager

Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada



Susan Brand

Midwest Territory Manager

Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Stephanie Huppenthal

North Central Territory Manager

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois

Stephanie Wright

Gulf States Territory Manager

Louisiana, Texas

Territory Managers - Canada

Ryan Heeney

National Sales Manager, ABO Certified - 

Canada Directeur National des Ventes, Canada

Ontario, Quebec

Inside Sales Specialists

Barbara Mora

Customer Outreach Specialist

US: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, New Mexico,
North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia
CANADA: New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, 
Manitoba, Nova Scotia, PEI, Saskatchewan BERMUDA         

Jacki Barsuhn

Independent Sales




Jason Hanni

South American Distributor 

Latin and South America


Gene Pfeifer

Technical Markets Manager


Customer Service Department



Lauren Gumpel

Customer Service Manager



Sally Yarrish

Customer Service Specialist  


Samantha Haughey

Customer Service Representative  





Melissa Vallejo

Customer Service Representative



Ellen Renjillian

Customer Service Representative  



Marketing Department








Jillian Camarata
Marketing Comm. Manager
Tricia Pane
Marketing Assistant
Michele Buzzi
Trade Show Coordinator


Accounting Department









Jessica Arnold
Accounting Clerk/Accounts 
Gina Clark



Distribution Department







Vanessa Roveto

Warehouse Supervisor
Jeff Roche

Drew Karkut

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