Giving Back

Eschenbach is fortunate to be a company that makes impactful products that change the lives of people with vision loss by providing them improved safety, productivity, independence and quality of life. Our company also, though, tries to be a good corporate citizen by giving back to the community at large through select charitable causes the company has chosen to support.

The following are organizations that Eschenbach supports through its philanthropic efforts:


SCIVIS - Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students

Eschenbach will be Sponsoring Two Visually Impaired Students to Attend Space Camp!

For the third year in a row Eschenbach will be supporting the Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS) program by sponsoring two students (grades 7-12) to attend their annual Space Camp for Free. This year the camp will be held from October 6-10, 2024 at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The Camp provides a unique experience for those with vision impairment and is specifically designed so they can fully participate in all of the activities. Those who attend will be immersed in astronaut training techniques using equipment adapted from NASA’s very own astronaut program.

Learn more about the program at Students can apply through July 15, 2024.


(Image: 2023 SCIVIS Sponsorship Winners)


Blinded Veterans Association - Operation Peer Support

Eschenbach is proud to support those who have served the US through their military service. Operation Peer Support is a program designed by the Blinded Veterans Association to help those who have returned from duty blind or visually impaired be able to attend their annual meeting. Learn More!


Eschenbach Partner Project with Fidelco Guide Dogs

Some people who are visually impaired have more profound vision loss and may be unable to benefit as much by magnification solutions. In those cases, a guide dog can be an invaluable tool that can help improve their mobility, safety and quality of life. Eschenbach is proud, through its Partner Project, to sponsor the raising, training and placement of a Fidelco German Shepherd guide dog to someone in need. Our sponsorship allows the client to receive a fully trained guide dog free-of-charge. Learn More!


Vision Health Alliance

This unique educational campaign focuses on driving awareness about the importance of annual comprehensive eye exams. Vision Health Alliance is dedicated to making eye health a central part of the healthcare conversation and works to create partnerships designed to promote access to eye exams and draw attention to the importance of eye health as it relates to quality of life and early detection of life-threatening diseases.  Learn More!


Sight Savers America

Eschenbach proudly supports Sight Savers America by donating vision enhancing equipment to this organization in order to benefit visually impaired children in need. Sight Savers America is a non-profit that works to identify and secure the eye care needs of children, from their first pair of eyeglasses to extensive sight-saving treatment and high-tech vision aids for those with severe visual impairment. Learn More!


The Vision Council

Eschenbach is pleased to be a financial supporter of the Vision Council’s new Opening Your Eyes Scholarship Program. The program provides financial support to those from underrepresented communities wishing to attend opticianry school. Learn More!


VOSH International

Eschenbach is pleased to support VOSH and its mission by donating some of our vision-enhancing products that can help those with vision loss see better. Through the instrumental facilitation efforts of VOSH, those with a vision impairment in needy communities will be able to accomplish daily tasks more easily and safely thereby leading to the enjoyment of a higher quality of life. Learn More!