In 1913, Josef Eschenbach registered his business in Nuremberg as a wholesaler of optical products and precision drawing instruments. Rudolph Eschenbach, Josef's son, took over the business in 1923, and would manage it for the next 4 decades.

His accomplishments include relocation to its current site in Nuremburg, Germany, as well as pioneering the importation of binoculars from the Far East. Rudolph also set Eschenbach's specific production initiatives in motion, which have become the manufacturing competency that differentiates Eschenbach products from all others.

In 1962, Gerd Eschenbach, Rudolph's son, joined the company and later became the third generation of Eschenbach family members to guide the corporation. Walter Eschenbach, Gerd's younger brother, joined the organization in 1974 with a specific focus on directing the company’s expansion into the eyewear category.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Eschenbach pioneered the concept of injection-molding lenses, including the first injection-molded aspheric lens ever produced. Eschenbach also developed an outstanding reputation for consistent innovation, introducing new concepts such as an illuminated magnifier and the aplanatic lens design.

In 1983, after six months of conducting research pertaining to the viability of the North American market for distribution of Eschenbach's German-made optical products, Gerd Eschenbach and Geoffrey Moss formalized a working partnership, establishing Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc.

The first home of Eschenbach Optik of America (EOA) was established at the residence of Geoffrey and Karen Moss in Weston, CT. As the company quickly outgrew its designated space, the business was moved from the Moss home to a small warehouse in Wilton, CT. Then, in 1990, it moved once again to Ridgefield, CT where it would see 3 further expansions.

In 1992, EOA pioneered the concept of employing a direct sales organization to serve the growing number of low vision care professionals in North America. By 2000, EOA had built an exclusive sales organization of 15 Territory Managers and affiliates who provide training and the highest quality of customer support to clients located in all of North America, Mexico and Latin America.

In January of 2005, Geoffrey Moss, the company founder stepped down after 25 years as President of Eschenbach Optik of America, and Ken Bradley, the first sales representative employed by EOA in 1992, became President and CEO of Eschenbach Optik of America.

Since then, Eschenbach has continued to grow and lead the market in magnifying devices for the visually impaired. In January 2011, Eschenbach Optik of America’s headquarters moved to an even larger facility in Danbury, CT to accommodate the continued growth of the business.

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