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MagniLink Voice II

MagniLink Voice II

The MAGNILINK VOICE II is a user-friendly reading machine which was designed with emphasis in three areas: its engineers focused on simplicity and ease of use, on high performance so it out-performs other like devices on the market, and contemporary design – it fits exceedingly well in an office, school, or home!   

MagniLink Voice II is extremely easy to use. Put the text in place under the camera and press the large orange  button – and you’re done. A few seconds later, the user will hear the text read aloud – it’s that simple! With the new monitor output, you can now present scanned text on an external monitor, adding a visual display to the text being read aloud. 

Its contemporary design will fit into any context. It’s designed to be decorative – in the kitchen, home office, living room, or the workplace. The high quality material and finish indicate a premium design approach.  In addition, the unit stands stable yet is extremely compact making it easy to travel with.  

The MagniLink Voice is customizable and can be adapted to the individual user, by adjusting the reading speed, volume, audio profiles, voices, light, and more. Even the menu is configurable.

Selectable audio profiles deliver superior speech vocalization for listening enjoyment.  High quality, localized male and female English voices are included and SAPI5 is supported. (SAPI5 allows use of additional voices from third party suppliers, such as Acapela/infovox4.)  

In addition, the MagniLink Voice reads misaligned documents, provides voice feedback for all functions, automatically detects the language the text is written in, has extremely good depth of field - which means it is optimized for browsing through large books under the camera.
Options Available:
A1 - Monitor output and MagniLink CCTV input
B1 -  Battery
Contact Customer Service at (800) 487-5389 for pricing and details.
To purchase an Extended 1-Year Warranty on your video magnifier CLICK HERE. 



  • Illumination: LED
  • Power Source: AC or battery (standby time: 45 hours, charge time 2.5 hours, operation time: 5 hours)
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs (including battery)
  • Dimensions: 9.8
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Miscellaneous: Multiple language options available. External remote control attaches to a magnet on the back of the device for easy storage.

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