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Non-illuminated Stand Magnifiers

Stand magnifiers are a plus lens that is mounted on legs [or a stand] that fix the distance from the lens to the object.

Non Illuminated Stand Magnifiers come in many shapes and forms.  Some are tilt-able and will rotate 180 degrees, while others are stationary.  Many have a rectangular large field lens with an open base, which make them ideal for reading and small writing tasks, such as writing short notes, signing checks, or doing crossword puzzles.

Eschenbach Non Illuminated Stand Magnifiers are lightweight, and can be carried easily from room to room, so they are always handy when needed.  The lenses are scratch resistant because they are manufactured with Aspheric PXM® with ceratec™ coating, which is a patented coating applied to each lens to prevent scratches, even during heavy usage.

Another feature of Eschenbach Non Illuminated Stand Magnifiers is the transparent plastic base which is designed for clear, bright viewing.

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